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Tired of Lint Getting Trapped
In Your Locs?
No More Pesky Lint In Your Locs...Guaranteed!
Claim Your Double-Sided
Loc Brush Today
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No matter how hard you try, those annoying little dust bunnies always seem to attach themselves to your locs like moths to a flame.

And you're left frustrated and confused...that is, until now.

The Loccessories Loc Brush for Dreadlock Maintenance is just what you've been searching for to keep your locs looking so fresh & so clean. But what makes it so great?...

EASY TO USE: Gently brushes away lint to the surface of the loc. Brush just like loose hair, it’s that easy!

NATURAL CONDITIONING & SHINE: Helps distribute the natural oils throughout your hair. Double-sided for an easy-grip, complete coverage and conditioning.

ALL NATURAL BRISTLES: All Natural Boar Bristle Loc Brush (Retail Value $24.99) No hard plastic bristles to scratch your scalp or tear your hair. Firm enough to brush through your hair and condition your dreads.

FREE HOW-TO GUIDE: Secrets to lint-free locs guide included with your purchase! 

And BEST OF ALL, IT'S 50% OFF TODAY! ( & SHIPS FAST) — We’re running this special promotion for a *Limited Time Only* to introduce you to our brand. Once you try it, you’ll kick yourself for not getting yours sooner. 

So claim yours now, because this incredible deal may not be offered the next time you visit. Order today and finally enjoy fresh from the salon, lint-free dreadlocks everyday!

Regular Price $24.99
Only $12.99 Today!

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Easy To Use.
Say Goodbye to lint & product buildup. Plus, maintain  a healthy shine & sheen.
No Damage To Hair.
Natural boar bristles, so it won't tear at your dreads like plastic bristles tools do.
FREE How-To Guide.
Secrets to lint-free locs guide
included with your purchase.
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